Fragrance Oil 30 ml

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The fragrance of oriental Aisa garden's

All fragrance ingredients are imported from France.

  • Perfumes are made in Hong Kong, IFRA and MSDS approved.

    White Orchid

    Only use pure white orchid scent as the main note, No other scents added, awakened the purest and most passionate heart, to the courageous and devoted me in the past; Hey, are you still here?

    Note: White Orchid


    It is delicate and light, very gentle and healing. 
    The slightly sweet floral fragrance is fresh and unassuming, simple and clean, soothing. 
    Smelling this scent,  all day's fatigue will be relieved.

    Note: Frangipani


    Bulgarian Rose

    A classic scent is packed with a hint of Bulgarian rose,

    The tenderness of rose is combined with the fruitiness and sweetness of lychee,

    Slowly evoke the allure of the fragrant, fully expressing and capturing the charm, and sexiness of a woman.

    Note: Bulgarian Rose



    Under the sunset of Autumn, the sweet Osmanthus scent brings a little bit of bitterness,
    The rich Osmanthus scent surrounds you, brings your happiness everyday❤

    Note: Osmanthus


    Ginger Lily

    The blossom of Ginger Lily, is like a white butterfly which flies freely across the prairie. This perfume would make you feel like you are being in the nature, which makes you relax and uplifts your mood. Suitable for office lady and travel usage.

    Note: Ginger Lily



    A woody aromatic scent with sandalwood, evoking the maturity of a man, symbolizing a capable and successful man.
    For women, it exudes a mysterious feeling, leaving a deep impression, expressing her unsurpassed attractiveness.

    Notes: Sandalwood

    Capacity: 30mL / 1 Bottle

    Use with aroma diffuser

    After pouring an appropriate amount of water into the aroma diffuser, add 3-10 drops of fragrance oil. After a while, the mist of the aroma diffuser will spread to the entire indoor space along with the fragrance. (The amount of fragrance oil to be used: It depends on the size of different aroma diffusers and personal preference for aroma concentration. You can adjust the amount yourself.)

    Use with aroma stone

    No heating or ignition is required, just add 1-5 drops of fragrance oil to the aroma stone, the aroma stone can diffuse the fragrance through the moisture in the air! It is safe and environmentally friendly, and can be carried with you, with a long-lasting fragrance! (The amount of fragrance oil to be used: depends on your own preference for aroma concentration, so you can adjust the amount yourself.)

    Drop directly on the palm

    Put 2-3 drops of aromatherapy oil on your palms, rub your hands, and then slowly inhale from your palms to help relax your mood and relieve tension.

    Drip Irrigation Design:
    Different from ordinary fragrance oil bottles with plastic twist caps (you need to turn the bottle upside down to pour fragrance oil), the fragrance oil bottles has a glass drip irrigation design, which is easy to use and hygienic, and will not stain the surroundings.

    Good Quality:
    The fragrance oils are made in Hong Kong, using imported raw materials from France, which are of better quality!

    Save to Use:
    Spices have international IFRA and MSDS safety certifications. All of our products are safe to use!