amazon flex block tap swipe device by
amazon flex block tap swipe device by
amazon flex block tap swipe device by

Swiper | Wide range of swiping motion! Shipping immediately!

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Shipping immediately!  Please allow 3~5 days for delivery in the US. For European customers, it takes 7~10 business days.

- Price for one swiper

- Perfect swiping motion guaranteed!  See the tutorial video

- the longer range of swiping motion than regular one; Swiping up to 4-5 cm on your screen!

- Only "swipe" motion; 0.12 ~ 0.2 seconds per cycle

- Easy to secure on the phone; size 4.2 *2(3.4 suction cup width)*3.5 cm; tail length 5 cm

- For a phone with a large screen and required a long travel distance for swiping motion

- Premium quality, strong backbone inside mesh foam to ensure flexibility

- The item comes with a mesh foam kit for the replacement.  Click and see the tutorial video for replacement of swiping arm and new plastic wheel. The plastic wheel is easy to use but tends to fall down. You may use the original steel wheel.

- Swipe from left to right or right to left for Android or iPhone

- Compatible with Simple Flexer and Pro Flexer.

- This product is not refundable