Bt850 bluetooth grabber for amazon flex block
Bt850 grabber for amazon flex block

Amazon flex block grabber BT 850 for Whole foods, Prime, Fresh

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- Return policy Performance guarantee! Send it back within 5 days if you don't like it. No return after 5 days. Read instruction email carefully. Amazon changes refreshing rate and release periods frequently.

- For Android phones with blue tooth 4.0 connectivity;

- This sale item has 1 oval shape controller; Wireless swipe and tap Amazon flex blocks for you via blue tooth; Size: 5mm x 30mm x 10mm, Need a cr2032 replaceable battery and replace the battery every week (depending how often you use, the battery lasts for 4~7 days. The cr2032 battery is available on Amazon or Dollar tree)

- Runs max speed more than 850 cycles (taps and swipes) per minute

- Store 3 sets of frequent-use settings you defined

- One key start, one key stop. Amazon's refresh frequency is changeable. One key switching from one speed to a different speed without interruption to match Amazon server frequency easily.

- One key to run 5/15/30 minute loops

- 17 notches speed adjustment, max 850 cycles per minute, min 50 cycles per minute, easily matching Amazon server refresh frequency

- Observe the app's refresh circle and adjust the speed with the control key in the meantime to make sure the little circle running smoothly to fit the server's frequency

- Run 5 minutes repeated loops, 15 minutes repeated loops, 30 minutes repeated loops to avoid missing block opportunity

- Wear as a necklace, easy and safe to operate while you are driving on the road

- This product has a default setting of anti-detection. Don't use an App grabber. Amazon server can detect any activities associated with the Amazon Flex app and mark app grabber users. Don't risk yourself on being deactivated; Don't use an in-app or rooted phone.

- Newly developed product to fight server hackers and apps 

- Sorry for the limited inventory, we supply to old customers first. Please update your device and upgrade the speed of equipment to secure your business. Competition is high.

- This item can be shipped immediately!  Time is money. Reserve one. Inventory is limited!

- User manual will be sent to you via email with the purchase.

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- Performance guarantee! We offer you 5 days money-back no regret guarantee. If you don't like it, please return it at your shipping cost within 5 days after you receive it. We will issue a full refund excluding the shipping fee. Please be noted the shipping fee is not refundable.

- 1-month no-fault guarantee

- Please allow 3~5 days for delivery