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New Arrival

(2021/5) Bt 1000 is newly developed product. Bluetooth connectivity, swipe  tap more than 1000 cycles per minute, 20 notches speed adjustment with one button, one button switch to one of 3 sets of predefined settings, and more..;click to see the product

Don't use an App grabbing blocks. 

Amazon server can detect any activities from any third party App associated with the Amazon Flex App and record the history of how users use the app or related third party apps, and analyze the behaviors. If deemed as against its interest, the deactivation risk will be high. Don't risk on being deactivated by using an app; Don't use an in-app or script. The grabber app developers cannot beat the AI team at Amazon.  

We have released a new device Otg4. Make money smartly.

(2019/9) As the competition rising, we have been dedicating to develop a much faster device to compete with computer hackers, in the meantime, we want the new device safe without any worry of being detected. The new device Otg4 runs up to 700 loops (tap/swipe combined) at the maximum speed. Speed can be set at each action motion. This is an external device separated from your phone, which means it is nothing to do with an in-app or script in the phone. So, the only thing you need to do is that you do not over run the device continuously, say no more than 15 minutes a time. Record the block release time in a week and only focus on the periods block released. You will have enough blocks for a day, everyday. You will make your good money very day.

What happened with blocks recently?

(2019/9) Recently we have talked to several customer friends and found a common issue - hard to get block as one month ago. So, one of our colleague decided to experience for 2, 3 days. He grabbed block by using Otg1.1 on September 15~18 and he also found there were a lot of high competition and kept seeing red banner "the block has been taken". Grabbing block was not easy and missed a lot, about 8 out 10. Averagely he still had 20 blocks successfully and he forfeited most and kept 3 to 4 for delivering. The truth is grabbing block is difficult now than ever. The luck is he still has blocks to make his money.  If there is no an Amazon Flexer Otg device (no matter Otg1.1, Otg2, Otg3), he won't catch any block. There is allegedly an organized group from Cuba hacking the server and took most of blocks for his paid driver spreading from Florida to everywhere. 

Otg1.1, Otg2, and Otg3 are very good for securing block -  they catch blocks while driving

For Flex drivers, Otg1.1, 2, 3 are still a good companion for you to secure revenue and don't let down. The high competition makes even a good device not good as before. But the truth is you have to have one to secure life. Thank you for your patience, my friends.

Amazon Flex block strategy

(2019/1) Why do we recommend Pro Flexer Otg2? When you want to increase the catching probability, you don't want to always tap the spot everyone tries to compete. The first line block is highly competitive, on which the competitors put their efforts. So, you always see the sign " the block has been taken" even you have a very fast grabbing device. The second line or third line block is much easier. The Pro Flexer Otg2 can run at 960 taps per minute, or 600 swipes per minute. The combination of tap and swipe can reach at 400 cycles per minute, and can be set on different spot and different swipe range.  Therefore,  users can easily formulate a different tap swipe strategy to increase the catching probability for Amazon Flex block. That is why we recommend our customers to take advantage of Pro Flexer Otg2 and set a running cycle of at least targeting to two different line blocks. By doing so, this device can tap the first line block without time lag to swipe to accept, and then if without success on first line block, tap the second line block to swipe to accept. The "zero time lag" between tap and swipe is the key catching the block successfully, which most of our products are featured. Unlike a tapper and a swiper on the fixed spots, Pro Flexer Otg and Otg2 can be set on any spot on the screen. Pro Flexer Otg2 with 400 tap + swipe cycles per minute has a great speed than Pro Flexer Otg's 200 cycles per minute.

Pro Flexer Otg2 is operated via a remote control when you do the settings. Once setup is done, the settings are saved and you don't need to do it every time you use. Some people may feel difficult using a remote control, so we also released a similar product Otg3, which has a panel on the control unit. It is more intuitive and can be an alternative for Otg2. When you use Otg3 properly, its speed can reach up to 400 loops and fits every Android phone with OTG compatible. Generally, Otg2 is more stable and faster than Otg3.

Pro Flexer for Amazon flex app update

(2018/10) Regarding the recently updated new Amazon flex app in several cities, it features a slow refresh button, with which it takes about 1~ 1.5 seconds to show up block list. If you use a fixed speed tapper to continuously tap on the refresh button within 1 second, the app would freeze. It is very competitive to get a block at the periods Amazon releases blocks with so many Flex drivers involved. Your fingers need to exercise at a mechanical high-speed of doing "swipe-tap-swipe" repeatedly. 

Our Pro Flexer series product is the only solution. It features a programmable control unit which can be programmed a sequential swiping and taping running cycle at a defined time to get the jobs consistently for you and reduce the pressure of tedious tapping with the high level of attention. This device can be programmed as swipe "refresh", waiting for a certain second (0.3~1.5 second) and tap block list, and swipe "accept" in no second after selecting a block. With Pro Flexer, you can customize the running time on the stopwatch, set a running cycle you desire, define each click start time and length of clicking period. Depending on your experience on the new app, you may program your algorithm into Pro Flexer. 

If you are in the area where Amazon is planning on an update of the new app or already updated, you would need a Pro Flexer immediately. GNNGB currently provides a full-range of Amazon Flexer product to meet your need. We provide Otg device for your convenience, electric swiper for the pursuit of speed, and mechanical swiper for any kind of phone. New Pro Flexer Otg is a convenient companion, which allows you to use in any place including in your car. Pro Flexer Tap & Swipe comes with a motor swiper which is easy to use. This enforced "Big Swiper" features a long range of swiping distance up to 5 cm on the screen and guarantees swiping motion to be executed perfectly. Pro Flexer E features an electric swiping motion with up to 25 swipes per second, super fast to beat the competition.  This product can be arranged and tested in front of you. Customers who are familiar with how to configure the settings are welcome to have this amazing product. Please reserve an appointment via email with us if you are in the LA or San Diego area. We will show you how to use Pro Flexer products and catch blocks in front of you! Items can be handed over to you immediately. Reserve today!

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