About us

GINA is a group of electronic and manufacturing team, located in 500-9 Heti Road Kaohsiung Taiwan 807, to develop and invent some specific devices for particular purposes to meet the need for some interested parties. Since 2017, we staffed and developed a series of amazon flex block grabbers called Pro Flexer to work with Amazon flex app and help flex drivers to get blocks. Our products are Bt1000, Pro flexer TS, Otg4, Otg3, Otg2, Otg1.1 and Pro Fexer E.... Since 2017, we have serviced our customers with the highest satisfaction. As you may know, the device is the secret tool to make money, you won't know from flex drivers. Our relation with customers is kindly of one on one, and people don't tell. We prioritize needs of our customers and treat customers as sincere friends. Our service goal is to achieve customer's need and satisfaction. We have been dedicated to filling up needs people have a hard time finding supply available on the market. We receive people's opinion and desire, invent and develop product, or source existing product and bring them into the market. In some cases we invite our partners to invent and create together with us, serving customer's needs at the first time and first place. We bring solutions promptly to solve customer's problems and create relax lifestyle.

We are currently developing regional dealer networks for Amazon Flex related product in Europe and Asia. If you are located in Spain, Germany, UK, or other parts of Europe and wish to participate in the reseller business, we are offering an attractive plan for you to become a local dealer. Please write us an email for the plan.

GINA has been doing business with the mindset of honesty, customer satisfaction, and fair trade practice. We don't cheat customers. We respect.

Please use the following email address to contact us for customer service or any further interest.


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Business address: 500-9 Heti Road Kaohsiung Taiwan 807