Amazon Flex block | Pro Flexer Tap & Swipe | 1 swiper 1 mechanical head, 360 swipes per minute for Android iPhone

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-This item has wear and tear issue. This item is not refundable once used. Please refer to our return policy.

-For iPhone or Android

-This product contains 1 programmable controller / 1 swiper / 1  mechanical round clicking head.

-The clicking heads of Simple Flexer are compatible with this Pro Flexer controller unit

-3 ports with independent speed setting. Sequential tapping and swiping!

-Easy to secure on the phone; size 4.2 *2(3.4 suction cup width)*3 cm; Swipe from left to right or right to left for Android or iPhone by adjusting the direction of the switch into the port.

-A and b mode for your Amazon Flex application, A is the same function as Simple Flexer's and you can customize tapping speed on your own. b is a more complicated application, which you can customize each port the tapping starting time, tapping speed, stop interval time in a defined time period (a loop) and run the loop. C and D modes are for gaming use.

-Speed is adjustable. Compare the swiping speed  Tapping and swiping speed is adjustable. Swiping at speed of 0.12~0.2 second per cycle. Swiper has 360 swipes per minute or 5.9 swipe/s, which the max speed the phone screen can react with a mechanical swiper. Tapping at speed of 0.03 second per click.  Maximum tapping speed is 33 clicks per second per port in A mode(7663 clicks for two ports during 120 seconds running test in the lab). Maximum speed is 20 clicks per second per port under sequential tapping mode (b mode; 7165 clicks for two ports during 180 seconds running test in the lab). The fastest sequential tapper on the market; The tapper won't abort blocks because of without sequence of tapping.

-Programmable. You can customize the tapping pace you want according to your experience with the application on Amazon Flex.

-Stopwatch; Pro Flexer can count down how long you want to tap to avoid attention.

-The user can use it in a car, or with a notebook computer or an additional power bank.

-The user can mount this device with suction cups to mobile phone securing blocks while driving. Not suitable for long-time use while driving. Clicking heads may come off. 

- Mechanical tapping; tapping head may come off after long-period using resulting from the heat it produces; please use suction cups to secure or purchase a clip as an option on our website.

- Replacing a swiping arm video

 -A properly functioning product guarantee - inspected and tested before shipping

-The lowest price on the market

-Recommend for all iPhone and Android phone

-1-month no-fault guarantee

Please read our return policy on the website. 


Warning: Please don't continuously use it for hours. Long-lasting high-speed tapping behavior is not possible for a human being. Use it carefully, wisely, and irregularly. 

Disclaimer: Our customers usually are very happy with our products. The Flexer series product is well-manufactured and proven at our lab. We guarantee no-faulty product. If it is a faulty product, we will exchange for you without an excuse. Due to the feature and specification of certain products, factors imposed by the network carrier, the response speed of the phone, and the release volume and time frame of Amazon Flex block, GNNGB cannot guarantee the catching performance for you. We do not intend to convey the message that you would catch all the blocks as you wish by using our products. Using auto tapper may cause the attention of  Amazon and be at risk of a warning if used excessively. We will not take such a responsibility. The customer should make the judgment of purchase at his or her discretion.